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Fall 2020 - Hour Changes

posted Aug 29, 2020, 11:13 AM by Martha Sawyer Community Library
The hours are changing for MSCL.
Monday 4:00-8:00
Wednesday 4:00-8:00
Thursday 4:00-8:00
Saturday 1:00-4:00
Typically I wait until school starts to switch to Fall hours. However, these next few weeks the teachers and staff are going to be working hard to make this year at Hanson and LES great. So I am shifting to Fall hours early so that they can do their work and you can park safely and get your books. I have also bumped the start and end times 30 minutes for the same reason; let the teachers, staff and parents picking up clear out safely before our library patrons roll in.
Saturdays the library will open 1:00-4:00. This will help keep library patrons and soccer families as separate as possible. I'll reevaluate the Saturday hours after the soccer season ends. As of now the MSCL hours of operation are the ones listed above.