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posted Jan 14, 2015, 3:25 PM by Martha Sawyer Community Library
I am absolutely yelling it from the rooftops.!  We have a ton of new books in the library.  The generous $10,000 grant from the STK Foundation has been an amazing opportunity for our library and the community of Lebanon.  A portion of the money was allocated for new shelving and a portion for new books for the Young Adult and Adult sections of the library.  We have new fiction and nonfiction.  Murder Mystery, romance, best sellers and books that are being made into movies for the fiction side.  Non fiction books include biographies, history - ancient and recent, crafting and sewing books are on their way!  We just received a donation of how to raise pigs, sheep and game birds.  This inspired me to go looking for more books about raising cows, making root cellars and various homesteading type books.  These books should be received and on the shelves in a couple weeks.  Give a call and see if that new book you heard was awesome is in.  There is still some grant money left - so if there is something you think the library should have - let me know!
Marcy Polletta
MSCL Librarian