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Blood Red Dawn by Jon Shutt
I've replaced the arteries and the veins with iron conduit. Allowing my blood
to flow without feeling.
And it’ll keep beating and ringing in my ears. Pounding with metallic resonance.
This is what it means to be a soldier. They've trained my mind and sculpted my figure. Then sent me to war
to harden. —excerpt from “Cast Iron Heart,” Blood Red Dawn
Front cover photo by Dan Gallagher
JON SHUTT has served 10 years in the Army National Guard as an Engineer. In 2004, he deployed with a Maine Engineer unit as an electrician where he spent most of his days doing construction projects around northern Iraq. In 2007 Jon earned his Bachelor’s degree in English Teaching from the University of New Hampshire and began teaching 5th grade in Lebanon, Maine in 2008. In late 2009 Jon put his teaching career on hold to deploy with a New Hampshire Infantry unit to Afghanistan. In Afghanistan he was primarily an assistant 240 gunner, but his Engineering skills kept him busy building tables, lofts, TV stands and other creature comforts in his off time. Upon returning from Afghanistan in late 2010, Jon found his love for building propelling him into teaching woodshop to young, eager minds and hands, which is what he does today in Berwick, Maine. He and his wife, Monique, live in Milton Mills, New Hampshire.

A tour in Iraq, followed by a tour in Afghanistan. It was suggested to Jon that he seek counseling for his PTSD symptoms. Instead, he wrote poems.
72 of Jon’s poems appear in this collection. Searing, soaring, gut-wrenching, sardonic, and philosophical...it’s hard to read this eloquent work without holding your breath because of the immediacy with which each poem places you right in the soldier’s shoes. Blood Red Dawn will stick with you long after you close its covers.
All proceeds from royalties of BLOOD RED DAWN will be donated to the USO (United Service Organizations).
Contact: anne@kitsunebooks.com www.kitsunebooks.com ISBN-13: 978-0-9827409-9-6 128 pages Publication date: May 31, 2012 Price: $12.00

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